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Lowe Börjeson was a visiting scholar at the Environmental Studies Department, University of California Santa Cruz during the academic year 2019-2020. His visit was funded by a sabbatical grand from Stockholm University. One of the aims of his sabbatical was to work with the T2S California team and explore learnings across the California and Tanzanian case studies related to local engagements with landscapes of modernity.

Discussions and planning of research activities in the Pajaro and Salinas Valleys during a project retreat with the T2S California team in February 2020. 

The California team with friends and family members.

Field visit to the Pajaro Valley with students. Here we stand at the Harkins Slough Managed Aquifer Recharge and Recovery Facility together with Marcus Mendiola, Water Conservation & Outreach Specialist, at the Pajaro Valley Water Management Agency.

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