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Morocco Team


Marcel Kuper

Principal Investigator

Senior Irrigation Scientist 

Marcel Kuper (Ph.D. / Habil.) is a senior irrigation scientist at the Joint Research Unit on Water Governance, Actors, Uses (Umr G-Eau / Cirad) in Montpellier (France) and a Visiting Professor at the Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences Institute Hassan II in Rabat (Morocco). His research engages with actors, institutions and infrastructures in irrigation systems.


Pierre-Louis Mayaux

Political Science Researcher 

Pierre-Louis Mayaux is a researcher in political science at CIRAD (UMR G-EAU). He is currently a visiting researcher at the Center for Research and Studies on Contemporary Societies (CRESC) at EGE Rabat. His research focuses on comparative water and environmental policies, the legitimization of public action and its contemporary restructuring.


Hind Ftouhi

Postdoctoral Researcher

Hind Ftouhi is an agricultural engineer from the National School of Agriculture in Meknes (2014). She is currently finalizing (2020) her doctoral research in rural sociology at the Agronomic and Veterinary Institute Hassan II, Morocco. In her research, she questions the role of rural youth in processes of rural and agrarian changes. Parallel to her Ph.D. research, she currently works in two research projects in which she focuses on 1) the gendered impacts of intensive agricultural growth and 2) covid-19 impacts in the oases of the Drâa valley in the South of Morocco. 


Lisa Bossenbroek

Rural Sociology Researcher​

Lisa Bossenbroek obtained her Ph.D. in rural sociology at the University of Wageningen, the Netherlands (2016). In her research she questions from a feminist perspective processes of agrarian and environmental change. She is interested in understanding the interactions of such processes and the lived experiences of the people living them. Currently, she is co-leading the project SALIDRAA 2 – Salt in the system at the University Koblenz-Landau, Germany, which focuses on the social and environmental impacts of salinization in the Drâa River Basin in Morocco. In this project, she analysis from a gender justice perspective environmental changes and is interested in how local actors develop alternative development paths.


Zakaria Kadiri

Rural Sociology Researcher

Zakaria Kadiri is an agricultural engineer from the National School of Agriculture in Meknes (2005) and obtained his Ph.D. in political sociology at the Aix-Marseille University, France (2012). He currently works as lecturer-researcher (Habil.) at the Faculty of Arts and Humanities Ain Chock at the Hassan II University of Casablanca, Morocco. In his work he critically analyses processes of rural development with a focus on young people and natural resources, it’s political and international dimensions, while keeping the experiences of different local actors at the heart of his work. He has extended research experiences in the Maghreb region.

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