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In this seminar, run by Lancaster Environment Centre at Lancaster University, the speakers draw on their respective academic and advocacy experiences to reflect on how a Feminist Political Ecology lens furthers understanding of people-environment relations. In conversation they address both the potential and the challenges of applying a feminist political ecology approach to promoting progressive change. 

Led by Frances Cleaver and John Childs at the Lancaster Environment Centre, Lancaster University

Speakers: Seema Kulkarni (SOPPECOM) and Margreet Zwarteveen (IHE-Delft)


Unlocking the crisis: Understanding impacts of COVID-19 and subsequent lockdown on single women farmers of Maharashtra. Report prepared by Seema Kulkarni, Pallavi Harshe, Swati Satpute, Sneha Bhat Society for Promoting Participative Ecosystem Management (SOPPECOM), Pune

Big words, small farmers: exploring academic overflows and ‘surplus water’ in Motupe, Peru

Domínguez Guzmán, C. (2019). Grandes narrativas, pequeños agricultores:. Estudios Atacameños (En línea), (63), 365-381.

Modern temples and sacred spaces: Entangled hydrosocial territories in Cuchoquesra, Peru

Verzijl, A., Boelens, R., & Núñez, O. (2019). Templos modernos y espacios sagrados:. Estudios Atacameños (En línea), (63), 251-274.


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