Introduction to the T2GS Project

This project aims to comparatively study promising grass-roots initiatives of people organizing around groundwater in places where pressures on the resource are particularly acute. As these initiatives often defy or challenge conventional wisdom, the project’s hypothesis is that these collaborations contain creative insights about ways of dealing with the intrinsic tensions that characterize groundwater governance: between individual and collective interests and between short-term gains and longer-term sustainability.

Focusing on groundwater practices – of knowing, accessing and sharing – we combine qualitative ethnographic methods with hydrogeological and engineering insights to explore the knowledges, technologies and institutions that characterize these initiatives. Our aim is to enunciate and normatively assess their logic and functioning in view of tracing overlaps or patterns that allow them to serve as more generic models for transformations to groundwater sustainability (T2GS). 

The overall aim of the proposed project is to establish a network of excellence that joins researchers, activists, communities and policy makers in a shared quest to achieve more sustainable and equitable modes of groundwater governance. The T2GS project will achieve this overall aim through the following objectives:

  • Develop and consolidate new transdisciplinary and international collaborations around sustainable groundwater governance.

  • Consolidate an exciting and innovative, multi-faceted and practice-based framework for the documentation and analysis of groundwater governance.

  • Undertake in-depth analytical and cutting-edge action-research projects that are grounded in everyday experiences of people engaging with groundwater.

  • Use research findings to generate new inspirations for thinking about, imagining and dealing with interconnections and interdependencies between humans and groundwater.

  • Put in place processes of mutual learning and co-production to produce and support processes of institutional and technological innovation around sustainable and equitable groundwater governance.


Funding by:

Motupe and Ica Valleys, Peru

Pozas. A short story with some musings on human-groundwater relations along the coast of Peru.

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