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Socio-Technical Tinkering - May 2021

Socio-Technical Tinkering

1: Ambitions and Processes of Change

2: Defining Socio-Technical Tinkering

3: Bricolage vs. Tinkering

4: Scholarly Context

5: Differentiated Understandings

6: Changing Relationships to Groundwater

7: Gendered Access

8: Tracing Surprises

9: Processes and Insights of Tinkering

10: Transformation Through Tinkering

11: Gender Distinctions and Discourses with Water

12: Framing Water as a Pluriverse

Additional Resources:

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Chitata, T., Kemerink-Seyoum, J., Cleaver, F. (2021). Engaging and learning with water infrastructure: Rufaro irrigation scheme, Zimbabwe. Water Alternatives 14(3): 690-716.

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Narrative Reports on the Rufaro Irrigation Scheme, Randullabad, and Ravangaon

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