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Circularity & Recharge - February 2021

1: The Process of Recharge in Randullabad

2: Variability and the Dynamic System

3: Managing Groundwater without Contradictions 

4: PVWMA and Harkin Slough in California, U.S.A.

5: Fluctuations in Recharge and Risks of Saltwater Intrusion

6: Impacts of Recharge Efforts and Ongoing Goals

7: Notions of Circularity in Agriculture and Oasis Contexts

8: Changes to Circularity in the 20th Century

9: Old Oases and New Extensions

10: Sharing Water and Future Perspectives

11: Video: Circularity in M'Zab Valley, Algeria

Additional Resources:


Bagheri M., Kholghi M., Hosseini S.M., Amiraslani F., Hoofar A (2020) Participatory approach in Aquifer Storage and Recovery management in Arid zones, does it work? Elsevier- Volume 10 April 2020, 100368 Groundwater for Sustainable Development.


Evan M. Dennis, William Blomquist, Anita Milman & Tara Moran (2020) Path Dependence, Evolution of a Mandate and the Road to Statewide Sustainable Groundwater Management, Society & Natural Resources, 33:12, 1542-1554.


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Aslekar U., Upamanyu A., Kulkarni H. (2013) Participatory Groundwater Management in Randullabad. Report on ACWADAM’s Action Research Initiative under the PGWM programme with support from Arghyam Trust, Bengaluru

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Narrative Reports on Randullabad, Pajaro Valley, and M'Zab Valley

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