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Bricolage - November 2020

1: Bricolage: The Concept and Key Elements

2: Worldviews and Bricolage

3: The Leakage of Meaning

4: Technologies, Institutions, Knowledges, and Beyond

5: Formalizing Access, Collectivization, and Institutions

6: Extending Networks, Reorganizing, and Building Trust

7: Interactions Between Technical & Institutional Bricolage

8: Formal and Informal Dialogues with the State

Additional Resources:


Cleaver, F. (2012). Development through bricolage: rethinking institutions for natural resource management. Routledge.

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Kuper, M., Amichi, H., & Mayaux, P. L. (2017). Groundwater use in North Africa as a cautionary tale for climate change adaptation. Water International, 42(6), 725-740.


Naouri, M., Kuper, M., & Hartani, T. (2020). The power of translation: Innovation dialogues in the context of farmer-led innovation in the Algerian Sahara. Agricultural Systems, 180, 102793.

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Narrative Reports on Upper Pangani River Basin and M'Zab Valley

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